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I had a lot of fun making this and will occassionally add new lolcows/features as I would like. I'm having a bit of trouble orienting the buttons and stuff so I don't think I'll be messing with their placement too much. For those who want to see Wingsofredemption or LowTierGod on here, that will not happen for two reasons. First someone would have to archive all of their content to youtube, and second both have a habit of copyright striking their detractors, so I'll have a lot of dead captions with no video link for you to go to. If you want to complain or send me an apology, hit me up at Otherwise hit me up at or my twitter @ShouldIseries

I've also noticed that Youtube isn't pulling every video for some reason, so some do get missed. If you know I don't have a video send me the link and I can pull it in manually.



04-14-2022: Updated SSL certificate, also fixed annoying issue with the start date text box not being in absolute position and being relative instead (meaning if you had window expanded the text box expanded or shrunk with your window size).

12-29-2021: Issue with KingCobraJFS where he had his videos flagged as "Age Restricted" thus breaking my capture of his stuff should be fixed and captions reupdated. Added Perry Caravello and Wings Of Redemption to the list. Happy New Year everyone!

5-18-2021: Issue should be resolved, created seperate tables on the backend for each "celebrity", about 1.3 million caption records currently exist for cobra, and about 400k each for Amberlynn and Jack Scalfani, so searching through 2million records everytime was pretty awful. Also put timeout time at 60 seconds, hopefully in the future this won't be an issue, but Cobra could hit 2million in the table again. I could even now add more celebrities if I want to and keep the others well optimized as well! Currently not sure how to make a statistic query that isn't complete ass so that's on the back burner for now.

5-17-2021: Issue with timeout for big results such as "pizza" for kingcobrajfs with 7774 results, raised timeout to 2 minutes from 30 seconds  however it isn't fixed. I'll need a few days to update the SQL tables to properly handle more celebrities and improve search times.